The Witch-Kings first album

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Well I'm pleased to announce that the Witch King has finally completed his first album.  You lucky people will not only be the first to hear a sample track from it, but also get the opportunity to design the artwork for the back cover!


Wyle's Witch-King's AlbumJust press the play button on the player control above to hear the track 'I am the Ringwraith' from the album.  Alternatively, if you are a member and logged in, you can click on the attachments link at the bottom of this article and play it in your favourite player or download it and play it on your favourite MP3 player.  (I believe it is also available on chi-tunes for use on your chi-pod.)

If you remember, the front cover was designed by our very own Wyle E. Coyote (you can see all the entrants again here) and you could be the designer of the back.  You know the drill, submit your entries and a poll will decide the winner.  WK himself has suggested that the members of the band should feature on the artwork, and it'll take a braver man than me to argue with that!


I've also arranged for our very own Sir Noel Edmonds to interview WK in his new regular inter-blog spot. Questions are currently being prepared and the full interview will appear soon.


For those of you who would like to sing along, here are the lyrics:


I am mean as mean as mean can be you ain't seen mean till you've seen me.
See how I smile when I poke out your eyes see how I laugh.
It's satisfying.


Sitting on a Fell Beast, waiting for the prey to come.
Elves and Hobbits, stupid bloody Maia.
Men, you're the worst of all, you want to rule in peace.
I am the Witch-king, I am the Nazgûl, I am the Ringwraith.


Nasty Mister Sauron watching
Lines of Fighting Uruk-hai on the march.
See how they kill at Sauron's will, see how they maim.
I'm smiling.
I smile, I'm smiling, I smile.


Gruesome, poisonous Orc blood, pouring from a hacked-up corpse.
Stubborn little Dwarfs and procrastinating Ents but
Men, they're the worst of all, they want to live in peace.
I am the Witch-king, I am the Nazgûl, I am the Ringwraith.


Hanging out in Minas Morgûl waiting for sunset.
And when the sunset comes I get my kicks from
Terrorizing all in sight.
I am the Witch-king, I am the Nazgûl, I am the Ringwraith.


Clatter of horse-hoof, screech of Fell Beast,
Can you hear the Nazgûl hunting you? <menacing laugh>
See how they flee from little old me, see how they run.
I'm gaining.


Ten-foot Ringwraith, waiting underneath your bed.
Elementary question, are you really frightened?
Man, you ain't seen nothin', wait until you smell my breath.
I am the Witch-king, we are all Nazgûl, I am the Ringwraith.


...everybody sing...


OK, you've heard the track, you've read the words, you've sang your heart out, now lets see those entries!

I am the Ringwraith.mp32 MB
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Good ol' knees up

Blimey. You didn't get that made in an hour guv. What a masterpiece. Me and the pearly kings are gonna have a right old knees up when the album hits the market. Nice one.

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Easy listening

No complaints from your friendly neighbourhood ape - my fave site has reached a whole new level with this fantastic piece. I can't wait for the album, my coconuts are clashing with excitement!. What a marvellous track - very easy on the ear. The Witch King is indeed a "canny chanter" as my friends from Shields would say. It's inspired me to make some music myself! Watch this space friends. I must apologise to all friends who are eagerley anticipating my holiday snaps from the mini-break to New York. Unfortunately the prints never came back from my local chemist, and my sympathy has well and truly ran out with his paltry excuses. Don't worry though, I'm taking it further. I'm off to de-stress with another listen to my new favourite all-time hit. Well done Witchy...

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Nice work WK

Good job WK, you are an inspiration to us all.

Spiderman's picture
Great track WK!

Is that an idle threat I hear from you there Galen?

It's inspired me to make some music myself!

Great work WK, I think you have forgotten the fact that content on this site is meant to be, well a bit rubbish actually.  I don't think your latest effort falls into that category at all.  Sort yourself out man, we have a reputation to live down to.

Galen's picture
Yes indeed...

You got it Spidey - I am planning a duet with Billy Idol (you misspelt it as "Idle" though - just a friendly pointer). Although how you found that out is anyone's guess! I'll waiive the tracklisting to you soon. Are we still on for that delivery over the weekend? I'm making a hotpot for the ladies...

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That's a wee gem...

I hae tae hand it tae ye, WK laddie, that's no a bad wee tune at a'.  Mind ye, it's no whit we play at the boolin' club.  I widnae like tae see Big Dotty McClump shooglin' tae that ane...

Wyle E. Coyote's picture
Well hey!

Way to go, big guy!  You're one crazy dude, WK!  I'll sure be playing the old air guitar to that for a good long while.  ...and I have some cool ideas for the CD back cover as well!  Eat my dust, my fellow members... 

Witch-king of Angmar's picture
Oh, dear...

...I don't know quite what to say, I'm sure.  I certainly didn't expect my little project to receive this kind of reception.  Of course I'd like to thank all of you for your support... well, almost all of you; I see Bergerac is once again conspicuous by his absence.  I'm rather regretting I let him off the hook so easily.


...Anyway, I couldn't have done it without your input and of course my fellow band members in the Witch-king of Angmar; John, Paul, Annabel and Ringo.


Now, you'll have to excuse me.  I have an appointment to have my armour blackened for my interview with Sir Noel...

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My entry for the CD back competition

Witch-King's Album back coverI thought I'd get in first with my entry to the CD back cover competition.  As you can see it has all the required elements, including all the band members.  I hope I have your vote!

Wyle E. Coyote's picture
Going for the Grand Slam...

Rear CoverWell, here we go and the pressure is certainly on with that cracking entry from Mickey.


I had to give Granpaw "twa pokes o' sookers" in exchange for the candid photographs taken during the recording sessions but it'll be well worth it if I steal the votes again...

Witch-king of Angmar's picture
Great entries...

Well, I'm astounded!  I thought that the standard for the front cover was high but the members are really surpassing themselves this time.


By the way, I've been asked whether Norman, my fell beast, is a member of the band.  He isn't officially but he got so excited during the recording of 'I am the Ringwraith' that he kept joining in with the chorus...

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My two penneth...

I'm not one to shy away from a competition, so I'm throwing my artistic hat (or AWT) into the ring with this effort. I have to admit to whistling the pesky tune around town (not Shields, before you ask). I can assure you that no Photoshop was used in my entry...

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What a corker

Occhhhhh...what a fab tune's on constant repeat on my chiPod and on my radio show playlist. I'm off on my hols this weekend for a fortnight (on an excursion organised by Galen...oh dear!) but will spend the time wisely pouring over some deep and meaningful questions for our big interview. Howzabout mid July for the big event? I'll test them out on Galen's "Chara"- gang: My agent (Bergerac's cousin, who's a Shields lad who reckons I'm "nee Parkinson" when it comes to interview technique...ochhhh!); Bergerac; Minder and of course Galen himself...what are the odds we're all on the same trip eh? Outrageous...ochhhhhhhh!

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My submission

Back cover - WitchkKing's AlbumWell here is my attempt at the winning back cover for your album Witchie.


Hopefully I can win this, my luck is in, I won the meat draw at the club again last night.

Granpaw's picture
Whit can I dae?

Rear coverI dinae hae a' thon fancy saftware so I asked the chappie wha draws us Broons tae gi' me five identical sketches o' oor Maggie and this is whit I got. I'm a wee fly monkey am I no'?
Onyway, since I'm a cartoon character it makes guid sense tae me that a' the folk in thon Witch-king o' Angmar are as weel!
I hae tae say I had a braw time working wi' a' the band at the Butt an' Ben. Ane day I went wi' Norman for a wee ride and ended up duntin' PC Murdoch aff his bike. He wis no' weel pleased an' tossed us in the cells for the nicht. Next morning he saw the funny side an' made us a braw breakfast an' said "be on yer way ye wee scallywags and nae low flyin'."
Ach! an' a happy 4th o' July tae Wyle E., Mikey an' a' the folks thon side o' the pond...

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It's voting time!

I think everyone who wanted to enter this competition has now made their submissions, so it's voting time. I must say that the standard of entries is incredibly high and I for one, wouldn't like to pick the winner.
You can place you vote here.

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We have another winner

Following fantastic support from users for our latest poll, I can now announce the winner as "Five on a Chair" submitted by Spiderman.  You can see the final results here.  Thanks for all your votes.


Here is the final CD box and well done again to Wyle and Spiderman.


Winning artworks