The Witch-king of Angmar's... School of Political Correctness

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I have to credit Mikey and Wile E. for giving me the idea of creating the School of political Correctness.  The fact is that what was a perfectly acceptable thing to say a short time in the past is now taboo and has been replaced by a completely sterilized version.  For example, I used to wantonly slaughter someone and say so but nowadays I have to say that I felt their existence lay in an alternative direction.


So... The objective of the School is to help folk avoid the pitfalls of political incorrectness by assembling, with the help of the members, a list of politically incorrect statements and their politically correct alternatives.  Here's one to get you started:


Incorrect:  He was fired.

Correct:  He decided to spend more time with his family.


Over to you, members...

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My two-peneth

Incorrect:  Homeless

Correct:  Residentially flexible


Incorrect:  Incompetent

Correct:  Uniquely proficient


This one couldn't possibly apply to me, cos I haven't got a nose!

Incorrect:  Large nose

Correct:  Nasally gifted

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My cousin from Shields often claims he is "folically challenged". The baldy fool.

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Criminal comments

Incorrect:  Shoplifter

Correct:  Cost-of-Living adjustment specialist


Incorrect:  Prisoner

Correct:  Client of the correctional system