Ridiculous words

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The English language has hundreds of thousands of words, yet for some people it's still not enough.  So what do they do?  They make up ridiculous new ones.  Now fair enough, sometimes it's necessary to make up a new word, but I'm talking about the stupid ones that are only there for the sake of making up a new one.

So some examples:
Chillax - Chilling out and relaxing.
Docusoap - A documentary filmed in the style of a soap opera.
Ginormous - Even bigger than enormous. (As if that wasn't big enough in the first place)
Sarcastrophe - A disastrous use of sarcasm.


So over to you lot, have you heard any ridiculous words lately?

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Language Timothy...

Evening friends, just got in from my 'dancercise' class...can't think of any ridiculous words at the minute, but I'm sure I'll think of something...

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Nice one, Mikey...


Whenever I come across a new word I try to determine what on earth possessed someone to utter such nonsense and I usually find a word falls into one of three distinct categories:


1.  Political Correctness - it's no longer acceptable to say what you really mean, so you use a watered down, modern version instead; examples being 'vertically-challenged' or my own favorite 'obesogenic'.


2.  New World - the brave new world requires stupid new words, such as 'baggravation' when your luggage is delayed or 'globoboss' to describe an executive who performs well around the world.


3.  Impact - 'very good' doesn't cut it any more, it needs to be 'fantabulous' or 'fantabulousy'.


Every now and again though, along comes a new word which should have been around from the beginning and my current favorite is 'meanderthal' to describe someone who slowly wanders aimlessly along in your path totally oblivious to the fact that you're trying to get past!

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Great idea Mike. I'll listen out for some examples. Suggest in the meantime, members can discuss this hot topic in the form of a 'webinar'...

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My favourites

Outernet - Anything that is not on the internet.

Googleganger - A battle for pagerank supremacy.